Samuel Sugar, 28, is an emerging artist currently pursuing a BFA in Painting and Drawing at East Carolina University. Growing up in Greenville, NC, the rich and vibrant community has significantly influenced his creative exploration. 
With a focus on self-expression, Sam views the canvas as a conduit for emotions and experiences. From spontaneous child-like doodles to more intentional bolder strokes, each piece tells a unique story, capturing the evolution of his artistic identity.  
Beyond the studio, Sam finds inspiration in the simplicity of life. Family is a cornerstone of his world, with a loving wife, Savannah, two dogs, Sadie and Cane, a cat, Zeke, and his newly welcomed daughter Maggie. This personal connection infuses his art with a profound sense of love and harmony. While not painting or spending time with his family Sam can be found hiking in nature or riding his bike to and from class.  
Sam’s work has found a stage in prominent art hubs, including exhibitions at Foundation Studios in Asheville and at the Art Studios 560 Trade St. in Winston-Salem. These showcases not only broaden his artistic horizons but also offer a platform to engage with a diverse audience. 
Navigating the dual roles of artist and family man, Sam continues to weave a narrative on canvas that reflects the harmonious blend of personal experiences and artistic expression. Each stroke tells a chapter of his life—a narrative painted with passion, love, and an unwavering commitment to self-discovery. 

Artist Statement 
Creating art is all about self-expression and self-exploration. Each painting becomes a vessel for the multitude of emotions and experiences that I am a part of. Working primarily with oil paint, charcoal, and oil pastels. My approach to painting focuses on the process, and the experience of laying down marks. I treat each painting as if they have a voice, and I do my best to listen to the painting. Trusting my intuition and having confidence is paramount throughout my painting process. This allows me to break free from predetermined thoughts and discover fresh solutions in the act of mark-making and exploration of paint. Going with the flow of the painting and letting my creative power guide me throughout the painting. Whether I am scrapping, smearing, or applying broad strokes, each is done with intention and purpose. I spend just as much time reflecting on my strokes as I do making them. Stepping back and looking at the piece allows me to see the painting in its entirety and offers new perspectives allowing me to produce innovative solutions. Central to my artistic practice is the exploration of unconventional problem-solving. I strive to think outside the box while offering unique perspectives that relate directly to how I see the world. 
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